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Since its launch as a pioneer in trustworthy Translation Services in United Arab Emirates in general and Translation Services in Dubai in particular in 2015, the most noticeable clients at ALWIFAQ Legal Translation Est. (WLT) are being the Chinese to English and English to Chinese Translationclients. Thenceforth, the highly skilled translators at ALWIFAQ Legal Translation

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Chinese language comprises a number of regional varieties; the key ones are Mandarin, Yue, Wu and Min. These language varieties are not mutually comprehensible, and lots of them are, themselves, non-mutually-comprehensible sub-varieties. Therefore, they are referred to by several linguists as languages of their own. The notion “Chinese” may refer to both spoken and written

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ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION is a pioneering full service Legal Translation office in Dubai with an unrivaled reputation in United Arab Emirates. We are the #1 certified translator Dubai. Our longstanding experience in the region combined with our internationally trained Translators enables us to provide Legal Translation Services in Dubai at the highest international standards and quality. As a Sworn

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“ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION” as a translation agency Dubai and the sworn translator Dubai, provides clients with top-notch legal translation services. Our legal translators are sworn and accredited translators by the Ministry of Justice, Embassies and Consulates. ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION provides certified and accredited translation services into the most spoken languages in the world. ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION is specialized in providing certified legal translations

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The translation is all about converting a document of the source language to another of the client's choice. This can be an official or unofficial requisite, that may demand individual structure and workstyle. Translation services are demanded by organizations and individuals, who may get exposed to process documents between two linguistic provinces, where the conversion

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ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION is the optimum and best destination to obtain legal translation services. ALWIFAQ,  #1 Legal translation Company in Dubai, is recognized for its quality translation and professional renderings. Since the establishment, ALWIFAQ, is committed to serve and provide the clients with state-of the-art linguistic services in Dubai and other UAE Emirates. ALWIFAQ hands-on experience secured a prestigious position for