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A full service translation company, Al Hadeed provides translation and localization services to a variety of industries. Our extensive database of translators ensures that we will be able to locate the highest quality translator for your text.

What is a Translation Company?

A translation company is a company that provides translation services. A professional translation company has translators with experience in specific languages and can ensure the translation meets both form and meaning of the source language.

Translation Company is a language service provider that provides translation and interpreting services for a variety of languages. We can help you translate documents, manuals, presentations, or marketing materials for use in foreign markets.

Translation Company is a company that provides translation services in particular. Translations can be technical, legal, or media. Translation companies are often large corporations employing many specialists who may specialize by subject matter, language pair or even type of document to be translated. A professional translation company is a translation agency that’s committed to providing high-quality language services while upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics.


Why there is a need for a Translation Company?

There is a need for a Translation Company because many people do not understand each other even though they speak the same language and this is the reason why a Translation Company is essential. Just think about it if we had not had translation companies, would it be easy to communicate with different cultures?

There is a need for translation because it is not possible to speak all languages, a private company usually knows multiple languages and hence can translate any information accurately. In addition, the canto immediately translates and provides the required informational trial timeline

Pros of the Translation Company

  • In today’s globalized world, translation is not only helpful in education but also proves to be a business tool.
  • It helps in building bridges and enabling companies to expand their market. Small businesses can benefit from translations as well as large companies as they provide clarity to the targeted audience and promote trust between people.
  • Moreover, messages are sent across in a clear and precise way, making it easier for all the stakeholders of a project to understand each other
  • Translations are needed in many different fields, and translation companies have a role to play.
  • The jobs that require translations include translation from a foreign language into any other; linguistics, law, and medicine to name but a few. Translations are also required for teaching, including elementary education or interpreting at universities or interpreting ambulances, legal documents, technical manuals, and many more things that require thorough understanding.

ALWIFIQ AL HADEED Translation Company


  • ALWIFIQ AL HADEED Translation Company was founded in 2005, we offer professional and reliable translation services for a wide range of languages. We are specialized in providing translation services to companies and individuals in all areas of expertise and field of expertise, we have an extensive network of translators covering all areas of expertise.
  • ALWIFIQ AL HADEED Translation Company is a leading translation and interpreting solutions provider in Iraq.
  • ALWIFIQ AL HADEED Translation Company is a comprehensive source for all your translation needs. We are committed to providing accurate, cost-effective, and timely translations for both the government and private sectors.
  • ALWIFIQ AL HADEED Translation Company is a multilingual company offering a wide range of specialized translation services, including legal, medic, al, and business documents.
  • ALWIFIQ AL HADEED has qualified translators in various languages: Arabic and English; French, German, Italian, and Spanish; Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Our translation company is a leading provider of high-quality document translations and interpretation services. Our team of highly-skilled translators and interpreters guarantees that your documents will always be translated with precision and accuracy.
  • AlWIFIQ Hadeed translation is a leading translation agency in Dubai, UAE. Our professional translator would be pleased to help you in translating your documents,
  • AlWIFIQ Hadeed translation is the fastest-growing growing translation company, with offices in eight countries and branches in most of them. It offers a range of services including business translation, interpretation, and localization.
  • AlWIFIQ Hadeed translation is the result of a collective effort by the best specialists in their fields. It is our goal that our commitment to professionalism, speed, and expertise will make us an integral part of your team.
  • The translation department at Al Hadeed is well-staffed with highly trained professional translators who have many years of experience in translation.
  • Our translators’ expertise range from academic papers, patents, and medical papers to commercial contracts, marketing material, and manuals.
  • Translating your translation projects into the native language of your target audience is our expertise, and we translate these into the language of your choice from and into over 100 languages, covering all major subject areas.


Al Hadeed translation