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translation services in dubai

About Us

ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION is a pioneering United Arab Emirates establishment successfully poised as a quality full-service provider in the translation and language services field.

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translation services in dubai

Mission & Vision

To create a reliable reference in the translation profession in the United Arab Emirates by achieving quality assurance through application of the internationally accepted norms and principles of the profession.

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translation services in dubai


ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION renders certified professional translation services from and into Arabic, English, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, Persian etc… 

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To maintain ethics and values of the profession, pay great respect to work confidentiality and client’s privacy and provide comprehensive diversified services that meet requirements of all community and business segments.

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Authorized Translation Services In DubaiInfinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.

ALWIFAQ LEGAL TRANSLATION, a translation office in Dubai, is a pioneering translation service in Dubai, Sharjah & near Deira, UAE. Our highly qualified legal translators are capable to provide you with the best legal translation in Dubai, official translation service in Sharjah and across the UAE. We provide you the best certified translation services ever for a number of languages that include but not limited to: Chinese legal translation, Italian legal translation, Portuguese legal translation, German legal translation, French legal translation, Turkish legal translation, Urdu legal translation, Farsi legal translation (Persian legal translation), Russian legal translation, Ukrainian legal translation, Spanish legal translation and of course, Arabic translation service. We provide legal translation services for all kinds of legal documents such as: translation of birth certificates, translation of marriage certificates, translation of medical reports, translation of transcripts, translation of college certificates, translation of marks, translation of court documents, translation of emails, translation of website, translation of Memorandum of Association, translation of Articles of Association, translation of contracts, translation of agreements, translation of cheques, translation of addendums and many more. As a certified legal translator (sworn translator), our legal translation is attested, approved and recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, as well as all governmental departments in Dubai, Sharjah and UAE in general. Being a Translation Company in Dubai we also provide translation services near Sharjah & Deira.

Our Services

Legal Transcription Services in Dubai

The transcription service is converting speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.

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Affordable Name Audit Service in Dubai | Check the meaning of baby names in 100 languages

Find out exactly what’s in a name and get the lowdown on your exotic baby name under our name audit service.

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Typesetting service in dubai

This service is essential if you need a magazine, brochure or simply a poster in different languages.

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Get Desktop Publishing Service in Dubai at lowest rate -Top DTP Company

We have technical team specialize in desktop publication services with professional oriented designers.

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Top Document Attestation Service in Dubai | Expert Certificate Attestation

We provide an additional service for notarization of translated document

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Professional Proofreading Service in Dubai | ALWIFAQ TRANSLATION

Proofreading services exist to ensure that your documents are free of embarrassing mistakes

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How we get it done?

The first step in the process of translating a document starts with receiving the documents from our valued client, whether via email, WhatsApp, or by hand. We look at the document and determine its nature, whether, legal document, medical document, technical document, normal document and etc., after that the job will be assigned to one of our specialized translators. After the first draft of the translation is made, the document will be sent to a professional proofreader who will take care of the document as to linguistic and aesthetic aspects of the context, but without affecting the meaning of the context, then the document is delivered to the client by hand, or scanned copy and sent by email or WhatsApp, as per client request and at his convenience.

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Why there is a High Demand On Legal Translation?

UAE is one of the fastest growing economies in the region, with millions of expatriates live in Abu Dhabi – the capital city – Dubai, and Sharjah. The official language of the country is Arabic language. However, the language used in all commercial transaction and communication between residents and locals is the English language. Therefore, if you want to submit any official documents to the local authorities it should be legally translated in Arabic language by a certified legal translator (sworn translator). The most frequent demand on certified translation includes: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, university certificate, university degree, statement of marks, contracts, labor agreement, lease agreement, medical report, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Addendums, minutes of meeting, emails, websites, and court documents translation in general.



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