Transcription Service in Dubai

Get the best transcriptionists, Sworn translators & Legal translator service in n Dubai!

Alwifaq delivers exceptional transcription services in a quick turnaround time. We deliver trust and dedication through expertise and modern transcription tools.

We are equipped to cover a broader range of transcription services assuring the best conversion from any source. We produce electronic and print texts beyond the expectations from the quality. With a professional panel of transcription services, Alwifaq provides the client with high quality, accurate, and professional transcripts. Our in-house team of highly skilled and qualified professionals assures the best of transcribing any audio/video document in a clear, precise, and concrete manner. With million-plus minutes of recorded and documents transcribed, we have cultured a strong customer portfolio, and this is fueling us to implement new norms and culture of the choicest service portfolio to clients.

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Why transcription services in Dubai have got more demand?

Dubai is the land of abundant opportunities. Most of the sectors will get along through situations where they require transcription services, that is the conversion of an oral file, primarily in audio or a video format into text form. As technological advancements and the Internet is conquering every sector, the abundant information in the oral form requires a professional document conversion. Expert transcriptionists help fulfill these requirements for personal and business purposes. The transcription service is in heavy demand.

Who needs Transcription Service?

  • Law Firms, Paralegals, Court Reporters, and Attorneys
  • Medical and Healthcare Providers
  • Students, Lecturers, and Doctorates
  • Market Researchers
  • Events Individuals and Keynote Speakers
  • Audio and Video Podcasters
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Video Production Firms
  • Publicity Coaches
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Freelance Writers
  • SEO Experts
  • Content Strategists
  • Authors

Advantage of taking transcription services from us

With a team of highly skilled transcriptionists possessing deep insight and experience in various disciplines, we cover a wide range of subject matter and recordings from varied backgrounds. Over the past years, we have produced outstanding services to our clients from different industries like medical research, legal cases, general conversations, academic lectures and speeches, media interviews, financial decisions, business conferences, meetings, events, and many more.

Alwifaq process and convert all types of audio & video files of different formats and sizes. Our transcription Services in Dubai provide services in a multitude of languages. We have a team of native translators and transcribers who work cohesively to provide clients with a standard document. We deliver the best of experience to clients by giving them an excellent opportunity to explore quality transcripts at the best price and quick turnaround time. With every audio or video file submitted for transcription service, we create highly appreciative documents.

Services Offered

Our broad range of services are:

  • Academic Transcription Services
  • Meeting Minutes Transcription Services
  • Book Transcription Services
  • Conference Call Transcription Services
  • Dissertation Transcription Services
  • Educational Transcription Services
  • Financial Transcription Services
  • Lecture Transcription Services
  • Media Transcription Services
  • Podcast Transcription Services
  • Seminar Transcription Services
  • Technical Transcription Services
  • Text-to-Text Transcription Services
  • Video to Text Transcription Services
  • Thesis Transcription Services

Why Alwifaq’s Transcription Services in Dubai?

  • Proficient Transcribers
  • Professional Quality
  • Multitude of language
  • Credible and Trustworthy
  • Confidential and Secure
  • Competitive Rates

How do we provide transcription, sworn translation & legal translation services in Dubai?

With a team of adroit professionals who are well versed in various languages, we provide clients with a transcription of supreme quality. Upon the receipt of the transcription project, we proceed through an organized system of transcription where our experts will process as per the customer specifications. Upon completion, our special team will check and balance all the transcripts submitted by transcriptionists and re-verify, proofread, edit, and review to ensure that the document is ready in the best of accuracy.

With every undersigned contract for transcription services, we offer the clients, the highest sense of secrecy and utmost confidentiality. We believe and practice in the customer-centric business and thus facilitate exemplary customer support through modern tools and attentive communication. Thus, Alwifaq is adorned as the leading and reputed Transcription Company in Dubai to offer valuable services to clients.

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