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Chinese language comprises a number of regional varieties; the key ones are Mandarin, Yue, Wu and Min. These language varieties are not mutually comprehensible, and lots of them are, themselves, non-mutually-comprehensible sub-varieties. Therefore, they are referred to by several linguists as languages of their own.
The notion “Chinese” may refer to both spoken and written languages. Though there are several spoken Chinese languages, but the same written system is used in all them. Speaking differences are depicted through the differences in writing. Due to the fact that a lot of people encounter the problem of mutual incomprehensibility, in spite of living in the same country, the issue of having a standard language is contemporary in China.
We provide the following translations:
• Chinese to Arabic, and vice versa
• Chinese to English, and vice versa
We are capable of fulfilling translation in the industries below:
• Certified Chinese Translation
• Chinese Legal Translation
• Chinese Document Translation
We provide Chinese to Arabic or English interpreters to help our Chinese clients to well understand meeting and conferences held in Dubai, UAE.